Training & Development

Training & Development for employees

At Baker Tilly, the components in which interconnects the organizational culture are employee selection, training, communication, and care. Each is crucial in creating a culture that fosters employee engagement. Baker Tilly has consistently worked to attract, develop, and retain employees dedicated to this vision.

Some key strategies that helps Baker Tilly's employees develop talent, improve business, and increase employee and customer satisfaction:

  1. Keep learning materials up-to-date
  2. Ask employees about their continuing education and becoming certified
  3. Identify potential mentors within management
  4. Motivate employees to coach one another
  5. Give employees projects to practice new skills.


Client Seminars

One of our critical responsibilities is to obtain the necessary information from a client in order to appropriately scope a solution. Many times, the client won’t have all of the answers, in which case it is even more important to find them. Our primary focus is to provide value to our clients, and educate them on important questions that need to be answered.

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